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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sets of infrastructures are established to Replenish irrigation water UNDP - Coca Cola Umbrella Programme on Water Governance GUANGXI SUSTAINABLE SUGARCANE INITIATIVE Guangxi is crucial for China's sugar industry, but severe drought combined with poor water conservancy infrastructure pose great threats to drinking water and millions of livelihood based on sugarcane farming. Therefore, Coca-Cola, UNDP and various China governmental agencies are cooperating to provide a sustainable solution. Sugarcane Produce of all Pump Sugar mill 1. Drip irrigation Sugarcane farmers Sugarcane field Well Disinfection Water tank 2. Sprinkler irrigation cane sugar in China People work in sugarcane agriculture and production in Guangxi 20,000,000 Water tank Treated wastewater Total impacts to 4 project sites - Shangsi, Longzhou, Jiangzhou, Fusui Improve per year to local community People 60% Lab in carryingwater (women) 50,000,000 L Replenish Water Save No. 1 3. Transfer well water to cropland when the drought is severe 2. Connect stable water resource to cropland Benefit farmers 143,000 farmers 1. Help local farmers gain access to safe drinking water 1. Transfer treated wastewater from sugar mill back to cropland, along with nutrients Improve irrigation efficiency Gain access to safe drinking water Waterborne disease (children) 1,941.5 acres of sugarcane 80% % of Stable water resource e.g. river 2011 Shangsi Longzhou Jiangzhou Fusui for irrigation 2010 143,000 6,933 Indirect beneficiaries Directbeneficiaries
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