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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HISTORY OF INTERNET 1957-2009 Computers work on a single task "batch processing", developers could not work with computers directly had to call experts to establish the connection. The United States was afraid of the atomic bombs had as much contact with Cuba, and Russia used to Cuba to drop bombs to the United States and technical damage could have then created a distributed network, cyclades, which is the network that connects easily to other networks. in the Cold War (1957),the Soviet Union launched the first unmanned satellite, Sputnik so if there arose the fear of a "missile gap", in order to ensure American leadership in technology. Darpa is an agency of the Department of Defense United States responsible for the development of new technologies for military use. It was created in 1958, as a result of technological Cold War. The ARPANET was created in 1966 and is the network of computers created for the Department of Defense United States for use as a means of communication between different computers. The Packet switching is a method of sending data in a computer network. The TCP is one of the core Internet protocols, also with the use of TCP protocol, applications can communicate securely. The IP protocol is a communication protocol functionally classified digital data in the Network Layer. and that is why the internet was created. And finally it creates the internet.
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