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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Increase Sales of your shop, without having to increase the size of the shop. HOW StoreKing Market place WORKS StoreKing Market place is a revolutionary platform that connects nation wide potential rural sellers & buyers This is the only marketplace using Mobile App for connecting rural sellers & buyers Benefits Market place work flow Any SoreKing retailer can sell Seller retailer lists locally produced products or selects from StoreKing list for approval Products approved by StoreKing Content department Delightful!! Order placed by buyer retailer Seller retailer packs & ships to nearest StoreKingLogistic StoreKing Logistics ships & delivers order to Buyer retailer Seller retailer receives his payment Local product Manufacturer(Khadi fabric) from Gujarat Khadi Fabric gets displayed in StoreKing App.Buyer from Kerala orders Lists his Kadhi fabric at StoreKing with assistance from storeKing retailer Buyer at Kerala receives his Khadi Local products Seller to buyer cycle Local product Manufacturer atGujarat receives his payment Products aredisplayed nation wide usingStoreKing App Seller retailerreceives payment Produce locally, sell nationwide only with StoreKing No frills on payment, StoreKing ensures as all orders are prepaid Free from Advertising & marketting cost Seller retailer ships product to nearsest StoreKing Logistics StoreKing logistic ships & deliversto Buyer franchisee
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