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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 October 4, 1957 history of internet By:Sofia Giraldo TovarSebastian Perez Martinez 1966 February 1958 Year:1957 1962 DID THE INTERNETthe computer working on a single task at once (batch processing) computer after more large and this was proved necessary to put them in refrigerated areas and developers could work directly with them, needed expert. the programming needed much manual work, creating bugs and loss of time. a remote connection had to be installed so that developers work directly with computers Did the time shared, this generated the processing capacity of a computer with multiple users. During the cold war the Soviet union launched the first unmanned satellite and emerged the fear of a "missile gap" in order to ensure American leadership in technology. United States founded (DARPA) Defense Advanced projects research agency.the people shared knowledge DARPA plan a network of computers in order to accelerate the transfer of knowledge to this was called ARPANET. did a military coorporación RAND on usa network, the commercial network of the laboratory of Physics in England, and the network scientific (cyclades) in France. approaches to these networks are the foundations of the modern internet. Spy Americans discovered medium and long range in cuba missile, able to reach USA, at this time the information systems were based on a centralized architecture, so for fear of losing information emerged a decentralized network, the internet was born from the connection of several networks. the International Organization for Standardization design the ISO model, which was an attempt to standardize the network.TCP treated as the model and gave way to the TCP/IP protocol that ensures compatibility between networks and joined creating the internet. development of the network ARPANET. used small computers in front of the central unit, who were processing messages (IMP) controlling the network.the IMP complet were connected to a network, this was you called subnet-IMP.the first connections between computers directory (NCP) Protocol was developed that later was replaced by the Protocol (TCP) ransmission, characterized by the verification of file transfer.
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