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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mango Major Producers: Guimaras Cebu Zambales Davao One of the countrys major export product National fruit of the Philippines Major Producers: GuimarasLaguna,Batangas Quezon Cagayan De Oro Butuan Lanzones Endemic to Southeast AsiaA latexless variety is now available The annual Lanzones Festival is held in Guimaras Grown anywhere else in the country Known as the tree of life Philippines is the largest producer of coconut in the world Major producers: Visayas Mindanao Quezon Pangasinan Aurora Calcium Vitamin C Magnesium Vitamin B-6 Iron Common Fruits in the Philippines Calcium Vitamin AVitamin B-6Magnesium Vitamin C Iron CalciumVitamin-A Durian Major Producers: Davao provinces King of All Tropical Fruits Durian is made into candied sweets, ice cream and cakes Endemic to Southeast Asia Vitamin CVitamin B-6Magnesium Iron Regarded as a complete food One of the countrys leading export products Available in different colors such as yellow, red, purple Banana Vitamin AVitamin B-6 PotassiumMagnesium Vitamin C Iron Major producers: Quirino Isabela Davao Coconut
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