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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Time Line of Riots in Tunisia & Egypt: Arab Springs Winter 2011 Winter 2010 Winter 2011 Spring 2011 Summer 2011 Fall 2011 Egypt Tunisia Mohammed Bouazizi sets himself on fire out side local municipal office December 17th Public unrest in most Arab countries have caused many riots and demonstrations againstthe government sense late 2010. This is know as the Arab Spring. Here is a timeline of major riot events in Tunisia and Egypt from winter 2010 to winter 2011. January 14th Ben Ali (President of Tunisia) resigns and flees to Saudi Arabia January 25th By using social media Egyptians coordinate their first mass protest for Mubarak to resign Jan 17th Man sets himself on fire in protest of economic conditions January 9th Protestors clash with the police and set fire to some cars February 4th Egypt'sbiggest demonstration,hundreds of thousandsgather in Cario's Tahrir Square to protest February 11th Mubarak resigns and army council is running the country February 25th People gather in Tahrir Square to protest for a accelerated reform program April 8th 100,000 plus protestors gather in Tahrir Square, pressuring the military council government to meet demands including the prosecution of Mubarak May 8th Christian-Muslim clashes leave 12 dead May 13th People return to Tahrir Square in a show of unity against sectarian tension and in support of Palestinians. June 29th 1,000 people injured in Cairo. Violence started up again after the former interior minister's trial on the charge ofunlawfully killing protestors was delayed August 1st Egypt's army violentlytakes back Tahrir Square which had been occupied by demonstrators. Fired shots in the air while moving tanks in. September 16th Egyptians go back toTahrir Square to protest against the military junta's reactivation of Mubarak-era emergency laws September 30th Protestors demand quicker move to democracy October 28th Town that started the revolution reacts angrily to decision to annul victories for party sponsored by London-based political exile November 18th-25th Huge crowd of 100,000 plus gather inTahrir Square, protesting against junta December 17th Moreviolence betweenprotestors andEgyptian security Ginny Cotton
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