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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States Drinking Water Facts Wind turbines, like aircraft propellerblades, turn in the moving air and power an electric generator that suppliesan electric current. 1 in 50 people in theU.S. receive electricity from wind power. as 10,000,000 represented The population of theU.S. is estimated at318.9 million people. In the United States there are 250,0000 rivers. Facts Everytime that you are drinking water thinnk about this. 65% of drinking water comes from many rivers and streams. In America there are many rivers that are named after foods. Such as the banana river in Florida, the blueberry river in Minnesota, the Cherry River in West Virgina, and the Cranberry River in Massachussets Splitting the atom is aprocess called nuclearfission and produces heat. Steam is created which turns aturbine producing electricity. 1 in 5 people in the U.S. receiveelectricity from nuclear power. The largest river in the USA is the Missouri River. This river is 2,340 miles. Also the Mississippi River is thefourth largest river in the US. It is 2,320 miles. Facts Facts Rivers around the United States. Facts In the United States there are 3,500,000 miles of rivers and streams. Water covers about one-third of the Earth's surface. Also about 93% of the Earth's surface water is salty. Also 90% of the worlds fresh water could be found in Antarctica.
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