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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Manchus/Qing Dynasty && Life In The Ming And Qing china Fact 1 The 1990 estimate of the Manchu population is 9,821,180. The early 1950s estimate was 2.4 million, but it is difficult to say how much of the rise is due to natural population growth and how much is due to the increased willingness of Manchu to identify themselves as such. Fact 2 .The Manchu language belongs to the Manchu-Tungus Branch of the Altaic Language Family. The Manchu script, which was developed in the sixteenth century, is a modified borrowing from Mongolian. Fact 3 Many Chinese resisted the ruleby the non-Chinese Manchus.Rebellions flared up periodicallyfor decades.The Manchus, however.slowly earned the people'srespect. Fact 4 The first Kangxi, becameemperor in 1661and ruled for some 60 years.He reduced governmentexpenses and lowered taxes.A scholar and patron of the arts,Kangxi gained supportof intellectuals by offeringthem government position. Fact 5 In 1636 Huang Taiji of Manchuria in northeast China renames his region Qing. The word in Chinese means pure. Fact 6 Li Zicheng attacks the capitalof the Ming dynasty. Emperor Ssu Tsung kills himself. When the rebels lay siege to an outpost at the Great Wall, Prince Dorgon of the Manchus helps defeat the rebels and then places his nephew, Shunzhi, on the throne. The Qing dynasty is created. Fact 7 The first emperor dies in 1661. His son, Kangxi, takes over at the age of seven. He reigns for 61 years, encouraging painting, porcelain making, and literature. He often tours his empire to make sure things are working smoothly. Fact 8 China wants their silks, tea, and ceramics to be paid for in silver, not in exchange for foreign goods. This works for some time until France and England are concerned about their supplies of silver. They come up with trading schemes, such as getting the Chinese addicted to opium. Fact 9 When Kangxi dies in 1722, his son Yongzheng takes the throne. He encourages learning, and even has a 10,000 chapter encyclopedia printed. Fact 10 Yongzheng's son, Qianlong, starts to reign in 1736. He brings the empire to its highest, increasing wealth through foreign trade. Rice production also increases during his time. His reign starts to weaken in his latter years as he is influenced by the flattery of a corrupt official.
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