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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 4 2 1 Charter SchoolReimbursement Charter School Reimbursement Leveraging MunicipalAssets "If we were able to generate significant revenue out of a PGW lease, sale, whatever it is, we're able to uncouple the millions of dollars we're spending on pension obligations. If we are able to free ourselves of the pension payments, the general fund is now able to be opened to support public schools in a much more aggressive way." The fight for...legislation that addresses the deficits created from student transfers to charter schools [is a] critical intergovernmental issue. 2 Weighted School Funding Formula 1 As mayor, Tony will lead a bipartisan group to reinstate public charter school reimbursement from the state to allow manageable public charter school growth without impacting the funding available for district schools. Weighted SchoolFunding Formula The fight for a funding formula that recognizes the poverty-wealthdisparity...[is a] critical intergovernmental issue 4 Leveraging Municipal Assets** Download the full education policy paper here: A Tale of Two Announcements Tony will work with the state legislature to craft a formula that takes into account Philadelphias poverty rate, its growing number of English language learners, and special education population. A weighted formula is crucial because it accommodates changes to the student population What we can do to generate cash for the pension fund is look to resources the city owns. We can sell or otherwise monetize profitable operating assets, the businesses that Philadelphia simply does not need to be in. I have long supported the sale of PGW for precisely this purpose and reason. SamKatz(March 12, 2015) TonyWilliams(March 4, 2015) 3 Delinquent Tax Collection 3 Delinquent TaxCollection The City needs to address the absurd and embarrassingperformance of its tax collection system...We need to make collecting collectible taxes a top revenue priority. Tony will accelerate efforts to collect delinquent property taxes thatin turn will go directly to the School District. 5 PILOTs First, we need to change the policy of tax exemption for most non-profits.Whether we assess the value of land and improvements so that eds and meds pay a rate that becomes a PILOT (payment in lieu of tax) or follow the proposal made by Council President Clarke for a partnership approach is a matter for study and debate. PILOTs Tony will convene all local university and hospital leaders and push for a fair but necessary plan to begin payments in lieu of taxes, or PILOTs. 5 **Quote via WHYY Newsworks/Dave Davies interview on January, 22, 2015
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