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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Ive been seaching ive been wishin' Now I got the thinker tickin' Yes, I finally have a brain!... But how do I use it?" DOPAMINE Dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure created by the brain, can be released through acts of play! NEURAL PLASTICITY Neural plasticity is the ability for the brain to change, from both behavioral and enviromental stimuli. Through acts of play one's brain can be rewired and become more dense,therefore increasing ones mental capacity! NEOCORTEX The neocortex, or themammalian brain, is theouter most layer of the brain and is also the most complex.It is one of the various thingsthat separates us from loweranimals.Housing such things such as motor functions , which of course can be expanded throughacts of play! BDNF BDNF or Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, is a protein secretionthat helps support neurons that already exist and promote growth of new ones. Through social and "rough housing" playBDNF can be released more, resulting ingrowth in higher brain regions, like that of emotional behavoir. The Scarecrow's Quest for Play! The Scarecrow's Quest for Play!
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