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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 June 16th, 1928 Preventing an Economic Disaster From an Economist's point of viewThe Great Depression could have been prevented by:-Banks not loaning out too much money, because this money could be used to buy stocks, and people think that after the stock market crashes, it can only go up From an Economist's point of viewThe Dust bowl could have been prevented by:-Conserving soil-Using moderation, not looking to farm it all up right away Will Rodgers- Helped with the election of a president who controlled most of the actions of the great depressionEleanor Roosevelt- She cared for all kinds of people in these dark times,she cared for the poor, the homeless, the colored, unemployed. She cared for those who are suffering in these times From historians point of view:What is Happening now (Before the Great Depression)?People missed out of the boom were affected by the great depression. Farmer could not afford to market and harvest. Farmers could not attempt to grow crops. many lost homes. They left their families to find work. How can we Prevent this? Give houses to the homeless. Don't give food for couple of people give foodfor every one. And people will less suffer and they will be more healthier What will happen is nothing changes? Farmer income will fall 50% and food riots will break out. About 250,00 youngpeople are going to be homeless and 20% kids are going to be hungry. Thedrought will help cripple agriculture. even necessary jobs such as doctors wentout of business. In Hooverville many people will be homeless and live in boxes From a Policy Analyst's viewRoosevelt is helping farmers and citizens of the U.S. by lending out money to banks in need and he has passed a law that makes sure all of your money is insured if it is in a bank. Roosevelt has also been lending money to farmers and thegovernment took over the prices of crops. You must believe that things will get better. In 1935, Congress made the Soil Conservation Service. Earlier than that in 1933, the government encouraged and funded the arts, established the Civil works administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Stay strong Americans, Stay strong.
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