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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brainstorm The IdeaWhen brainstorming you need to think of what your product will look like and what the purpose of it will be. Develop A Problemwhen you're developinga problem you need toconsider every possibility that could happen. Research Possibilities If you're making an inventionyou need to make sure no one else has made it orthought about it so you havecreativity. Identify Criteria And ConstraintsWhen making your product you need to make sure it's inthe limits and not againstthe rules. Consider Alternative Solutionsif your product doesnt work you need tohave a back up planso you can get right to it if your product fails. Select An ApproachYou need to have several solutions and ideas of products so you can select the best oneand approach the product. Develop A Written Proposalwhile you are brainstorming yourproduct and selecting an approach you should draw out your design so you know what it will look like. Make A PrototypeYou should make a prototypeso you know what it looks like and how it works so you know it does work. Test And EvaluateYou need to test yourproduct so you knowif it will fail or be successful. Refine And ImproveAfter you evaluate and testyour product and it fails you need to improve it and make it so it will be successful. Create And Make The ProductNow that you have had the prototypes and made them successful and you have a perfect product ready to be madeyou need to actually make it. Communicate The ResultsTake a survey of who has hadthe product and ask them if they like it or don't like it and ask them if they think it is a goodthing to have.
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