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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Goverment lieingto the immigrants. Getting sent back Wasting money Not enough jobs The immigrants that do move up here beliving they will get a job right away, is not always the case. The most common reason for imigrants not achieving the American Dream is because the goverment can send them back if they are here illegally. Immigrants trying to achieve the American Dream By Miranda McGaugh There are 40.7 million immigrants that were born somewhere else and moved United States (Center for American Progress). we know that our immigration system is out of date and badly in need of reform (Hart Senate Office Building). Immigrant rights plus jobs programs that require employers to hire from communities with high unemployment can reduce competition and fear ( Noel Merino ). More than 80 percent of those funds or $167 million have been allocated to states along the Southwest border (Hart Senate Office Building). As a nation we are broke and its all because the goverment is trying their hardest to keep immigrants out. Hard timesin their home countries. Poverty in countries such as Mexico, which pressure people to flee to richer countries to support their families." ( Noel Merino 32 ) Immigrants come to the United States to get away from the proublems thatare happening in their countries. They are wanting to make a better life for themand their family. "We essentially tell citizens of other countries, 'If you come here, you can stay -- don't worry, we won't deport you,' " McCaul said in a statement to The Times. "The reality on the ground is that unless you commit multiple crimes, the chances of your being removed from this country are close to zero." ( McCaul, Tanfani, Joseph, And Brian Bennett). The immigrants are just made to think that they can come here and not worry about being sent back , and that they can get the American Dream. After a while of being here the government can decide to deploy them right back to mexico or where they are from and in a blink of an eye they will have lost everything they have worked for to get. .
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