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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOP 5 affordable places to travel to 1 DAYTONA. attracts many college students and is known for being an energetic place.Is known for having an abundance of cheap hotels and inexpensive food. How to save: Proximity pricing (look for hotels between the beach or speedway), avoid NASCAR, and get your tickets in ADVANCE. 2 SOUTH PADRE ISLAND. a Texan city that is known as spring break central due to it's night life andaffordable lodgings. It is also a kid friendly destination.How to save: Reserve in advance, leave the car behind (SP is small enoughto travel on foot), and avoid spring break rates. 3 SANTO DOMINGO. a Carribean retreat that has numerous attractions and affordable hotels. How to save : learn how to haggle, skip the colonial tour, and visit on a cruise ship. This will save you money on airfare and hotels. 4 PUERTO RICO. there are plenty of ways to stay entertained at thisbeautiful location, including beaches and an upbeat night scene . There are affordableaccomodations and flights are easy to find. How to save : plan ahead, take an Eastern European cruise, and use a road maptoo when using the bus so you won't get lost, having to spend more money. 5 MYRTLE BEACH. SC offers visitors an affordable wayto soak up the sun and get sand between your toes. You canget there by plane or car, and there are plenty of affordablehotels and vacation rentals. How to save: Rent a home, visit a tourism board, and visit in the off season. I got my info from: and
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