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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History of prosthetics, a world changing innovation 1500 BC, Egyptians areconsidered the first usersand inventors of the concept of prosthetics 300 BC, first prostheticleg found in Caupa and was the first legbuilt with metals A device, either external or implanted that substitutes for or supplements a missing .ydob eht fo trap evitcefed ro 218 BC Pliny mentioned ageneral in the second punic war that had a prosthetic iron hand joined with a shield 476 AC gunsmiths made artificial parts that could be stick legs and hooks 1500s French Army barber/surgeon Ambroise Paré made most of the advancements regarding prosthetics by creating new designs and proceduresand is considered the father of modern prosthetics 1696 Pieter Verduyn developed the first nonlocking below-knee (BK) prosthesis In 1800, a Londoner, James Potts, designed a fully articulated leg called the anglesey leg 1863, Dubois Parmlee invented an advanced prosthesis with a suction socket, polycentric knee and multi-articulated foot. Great advancements in the prosthetics sector throughout the 20th century made great advancements in prosthetics and improved the user experience In present times prosthetics have advanced a lot with the utilization of microprocessors, computer chips and robotics making protheses feel almoast as real as the amputated
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