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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Close to Home ? Location Your Goals It's important when considering collegesto have some idea of what you want todo in the future because knowing willgive you more guidance in your college search. Most colleges have specialtiesand are known for specific fields. Forexample, Harvard is known for it's Lawprogram Small Colleges Look and/or Vibe SizeDoesMatter The campus atmosphere is uniquely different at every college, finding the perfect fit is imperative to having the most successful 4 years. YOU Finding the Perfect for University For some people, staying close to home near friends and family is veryimportant. Large state universities may exceed 35,000 students. There are advantages to going to a large school like televised sporting events, wide variety of courses and majors, well-stocked libraries, state of the art research facilities, and a wide range of academic choices and student activities. Small colleges may have fewer than 1,000 students, so if you enjoy personal attention from teachers and advisers then a small college might be the right fit for you. Other advantages are individually designed majors,strong advising system, and strong sense of community It can be hard to find a university that fits you. Here are some helpfultips to find the perfect college! Tuition Tips Make sure to visit the collegesyou have in mind. Don't commit to any one place without actuallystepping foot on the grounds because if you commit to a place that's not the right fit, you're in fora long 4 years. One of the first decisions to make when finding the perfectcollege is to narrow your options and decide what size college you want to attend. Choosing depends a lot on your personality and academic goals. Big Colleges BIG Colleges The cost of tuition and fees varies college to college. Know what you can afford(or how much debt you want when you graduate).
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