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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Achondroplaisa -Most cases are not inherited -Occurs in one and every 1500 to one in 40,000 births.- Most people who have this have average sized parents- When it is inherited, it is inherited in a autosomal dominant manner Chromosome Number How it is inherited -This disorder is on he 4 chromosome -It is dominant so only one gene needs to be copied- This disosder is causesd by the mutatuion in the FGRF3 gene What Ethnic group is affected? -It does not choose a race, gender, or ethnic group-It is a form of skeleton dysplasia that affects one and every 40,000 new born baby-Caused by a genetic change or mutation in the gentic intruction Symptoms -Abnormal bone growth-Short stature-Short arms-short legs-small fingers-Weak muscle- Back problems- airway problems Treatment - no treatment yet -No treatment found yet- Children born with this disorder need to be measured-MRI and Ct scans can help-Different kinds of surgery's can be performed can help some of symptoms- Children with this disorder need to be monitered carefully Intresting Facts - The people in movies that are usually small or play roles of dwarfs or elf's have this disorder- Could also be called dwarfism- Affects pars of the body-The word Achondroplasia is derived from the Greek Language meaning without cartilage formation-egyptians were the first ones to record the disorder Worldwide Frequency -One in every 40,000 new births, in the World-One and every 15,000 new births in the US
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