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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sharing too Much..? by Lucas Kery How much is too much? You can never be too careful about posting content on the internet. If you think you the content you wish to post could be harmful in any way to yourself or other, DON'T POST IT! You should never post personal information on theinternet for the public to see. This follows a wide range of information that can go from giving passwords, to addresses, or simply your last name. Inappropriate content, or evidence of embarrassing and/or illegal acts, may stay on the internet for the rest of your life (and beyond). This kind of material can affect future jobs, and even the general public's opinion towards you. This information, if used correctly, could result in the theft of your account, identity, or even you own actual currency. It should be noted that some information is required for online education and employment. Giving this information will not always be dangerous, but it's always users should always give with caution. What's mine isn't yours. Mute yourself... Some of us love to hear ourselves talk...or text, but on the internet you have to be careful about what you say. Most of the posts you write on your profiles will be view-able by the general public. Meaning your parents, friends, boss, or strangers can see what you've typed. If you fear you'll embarrass yourself, you should always remember the golden rule before posting: "Only post what you're OK with your grandparents and parents (or guardians) seeing." Here is a graph of the amount of time a child in watching a screen per day from ages 4-11.Remember: Your life isn't run by the internet,it's always good to go outside and enjoy thefresh air! Posting everything about your dayis not only unnecessary, but also annoyingfor those who have better thing to do in theirday rather than read about yours. If you would like to learn more aboutsharing information on the internet, hereare some informational links you should view: g
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