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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Alex Abel VHEMES Step 1: setting you body up for a straight shot. How to: Shoot a Lacrosse Ball How to: Shoot a Lacrosse Ball your artboard double click on textto edit or change TEXT Hold the stick part of the lacrosse stick (the shaft). Place one hand at the bottom of the shaft of thelacrosse stick and the other three fourths the way of the stick. If you are a righty then your left hand should be on the bottom and your right hand on top and vise versa for a lefty. Step 2: Holding the stick Hold the lacrosse stick so the top of the stick (the head) right above or at your ear.Point your front elbow slightly towards the goals and raise yourback elbow around a 45 degree angle. This position that you are in now is called the triple threat position, it is a position that you can defend,shoot, or pass in. Step 3: Holding the stick before you shoot Step 4: Aiming your stick to the net Aline yourself so both of you hipsare directly facing the net, this is also known as being square to the net. If you are a righty you should have you left foot in front and if you are a lefty then you should have your right foot in front. To aim you must have your elbows out and up awayfrom your body. And have your body angled towardsthe goal. Step 5: Aiming the ball into the net. To point where you are aiming aim the butt end (bottom) of your stick where you want the ball to go. You will want to either aim for the top right or left corners of the netor the bottom right and left corners of thenet. Those places being the hardest to get tofor the goalie. Step 6: Shooting he ball into the net. To shoot the ball into the net you will rapidly move your stick across your body at a diagonal Step 7: Finish the shotOnce rapidly moving your lacrosse stick at a diagonal across your body you willnedd to follow throughfinish with your stick pointing to the ground, to complete your shot
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