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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DRUG ABUSE Every 9 out of 10 deaths are drug related. People that do drugs and die from it mostly overdose on what ever drug they were taking. This problem takesplace all over america. This is how many meth lab incidentsthat happened in the united states in the year of 2008 This in how many drug related deaths happened in the United states in 2012. Meth lab incidents happen in open land. States such as Missouri . Missouri has the most meth lab incidents in the United states, The state ranks #1 in whole country. Indiana ranks #2. Tennessee ranks #3. States such as Colorado and Wyoming have the least amount of incidents in the United States. The west coast prefers Methemphetamine The East coastprefersCocaine This section of the United states will do anything they can get there hands on ( AGE GROUPS THAT STATISTICALLY ABUSE DRUGS -20-29 Year old peopleMale Female(31%) (24%) -14-17 year old peopleMale Female(13%) (16%) GEOGRAPHIC DEMOGRAPHIC People most likely to abuse drugs White Americans are more likely to abuse any drug that is available to them. But, African-American people are most/more likely to take the blame for the drugs and how people use the drugs. ACTIVISM There are over 1,000 other groupsthroughout the United States that have been created to help people turn away from drugs and its effects. Including rehabilitation centers throught the U.S. I chose this problem because there was a houseful of crack heads A couple of houses down from me. These people where housing 2 5 year old boys. These children where subject to abuse and everything that you can think of. I want to get this message out because I don't thinkany child should be brought up like this. And, this effects every one.
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