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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A sole trader may have unlimited liability whereas a partnership mayregister for limitedliabilityAn LTD or PLChave limited liabilityto the capital invested. PRIVATE SECTOR Owned byshareholders / investorsControlled & managed by directors, a partnership or evena sole trader The private sectoris run by groupsor partners that wantto make a profit. They are privately fundedby customers and investors / shareholders.Businesses in the private sector have to comply with the laws of the country they are located in. Examples include: The customer canbenefit from products and services provided while shareholders and owners benefit fromthe profit they receive May be part of afranchise / chain store / LTD / PLC Franchise is an alternative tobuilding a chain store. It is alicence that a party can get to allow them access to a business' knowledge, process andtrademarks to sell under the business' name.It guarantees success & a good reputation however you have to meet the standards of the trademark. The purpose is to make a profit with the obligation of customer satisfaction A partnership includesbusinesses owned by more than one person.They share management & profits and may work within and across sectors. An LTD is a private limited company where the profits go to the shareholders. The liability is limited to the capital invested in the business A PLC is a public company where the shares are freely sold and traded to the public on stock exchange.. Limited liability is also to the capital invested
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