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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! 1.Define the problem The problem should include "who, what, when, and how." It shoud be detailed and not long. To find the bestpossible solution,research is essential. Identify the past problem. 3. Research ideas/ explore possibilities. Record any ideas your group members have. But stay on one topic at a time. 2. Brainstorning solutions. 4. Specify Constraintsand Identify Criteris. To solve the problem,you need to documentthe essential criteriaand constraints.The criteria is guidelines.The constraints is the limitations. 5. Consider AlternativeSolutions. Don't allow preconceptionsto limit your ideas.Consider alternative solutions, always. Stay openminded. 6. Select an Approach. Involving trade-offs will determine the best solution. to help identifythe best solution, use a decision matrix. 7. Select an Approach. To help determine the best idea, establish a point scale. 8. Develop a written design proposal. Its important to develop a plan of action once an ideahas been selected. 9. Make a model/prototype. To make a model/prototype, theyinclude technical writing,graphs and charts,annotated sketches,and technical draings. 10. Test and Evaluate. You will record and analyze resultsand correct problemswith the design thatare discoveredduring 11. Refine/Improve. To justify improvementsto the solution, use the date colectedduring the test andevaluarte phase. 12. Create/make product. Develop the finalphysical solutionwhile working independently or in a group.
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