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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Real life robots Real life robots that are in today's modern world are taking jobs people don't and cannot take. For this jobs are to dangerous or even deadly in a high scale this putting the engineers mind innovation and technology on making more robotic tech for this sort of jobs.For example there's a robot in the special bomb squad that is in charge of getting and putting the bomb in a container that will hold the blow. The advancement in robot tech The tech that is being used to create this robots and machines is by far in a lot not cheap. The creations that are being made are still in process of being bettered; most which have already in use and being better to preform there job. The tech that is used today in modern day is being bettered and is helping save many life. Therefore it is also destroying many others to. For not all the tech we use and create in robots is used in very good ways. example the drones which are very important to having security but if something where to go wrong they could use it to harm us. This is what we will wait and see for humans shall be the ones to judge there fate by either destroying it or saving it. Dream robots, the robots we want and the robots we fear to be created. This mostly help by the movies and shows that have been done in Hollywood and other places. This meaning that are minds and dreams are scared of something that has to yet be seen. But for one it is not sure and proven that they cannot happen. By which some are in the process of being made and created but which one will it be the nightmare we fear or the best friend we want to lend us a hand. All that's left is to wait and see. Dream Robots Robotic Tech
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