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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mendelow's Matrix Mendelow's Matrix Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Classification Key Interest Risk to Entity Engagement Method Shareholders Connected Risk exposureCapital return Influence AGMsDetermine share movementsImpact management appointments Annual General MeetingsKey Performance IndicatorsFeedback FNB Terminate provision of finance and debt capital Termly bank manager engagementTelephonic interactions Repayment of capital & interest Customers Connected Premium goods &deliveryValue Hello Peter: complaints & complimentswithdraw supportInfluence public perception Daily interaction with sales staff & PR Officer SARS External Accuracy of tax returns Penalties, negative credit ratings Via company accountantTax files and audits Regulatory Bodies (Government) External Compliance with lawsand regulations Prohibiting trade withBelgium & foreign suppliers Interaction via Chamberof Commerce memberhip AlexandriaCommunity External Employment & UpliftmentEnvironmental & socially responsible practices Protests & BoycottingNegative publicity Education initiativesHF LearnershipsHealth & Safety promotion Employees Internal RemunerationJob satisfactionEmployment security Strikes & go-slowsPoor performanceNegative attitudeHarm HF reputation Weekly monitor meetingsPerformance incentivesPromotion opportunities Management & Directors Internal Status & remunerationPersonal developmentPromotion opportunity Poor decisions & planningNegative corporate atmosphere impacts all stakeholders AGM with shareholders, Disciplinary policies in place, Monitoring of individual's performance with KPIs Connected Stakeholder Power Stakeholder Interest Level A A B B D D C C Minimal Effort (monitor) A A B B C C D D Keep Satisfied Keep Informed Manage Closely (Key players)
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