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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AUTHENTICITY The journalist interview transcription entails transfer of the recorded video or audio files into text format. However, text version should be authentic without interpretations in order to retain the intended meaning by the interviewer and interviewee. Any diversion from the original words may lead to legal issues based on the misquotation of the speaker or incredible information about the reality on the ground whereby the journalist or the media househas to take responsibility. This is why a professional journalist interview transcription provider should be contracted for the job in order to ensure authenticity. Journalist interview transcription is a task that every broadcasting houses and independent journalists have to carry on regular basis. The journalist interviews involve a one on one with differentprofessionals who provide an expert perspective regarding a particular issue or incidence of interest to the society or targetaudience. Interviews make the broadcasting house popular in the local as well as international platform as the society being the primary audience of the media houses seek for expert analysisof the situation on the ground about an issue. In this case, professional transcription for the journalist interviews should be sought for successful airing of the interview performed. JOURNAILISTS ASPECTSBY SAMMY WATERS M4 QUICK TURNAROUNDS Airing a story conveyed through an interview with journalists should be done within a specific time frame. This calls for rapid transcription process in order to make the interview ready for broadcasting. Professional transcriptionists have the required speed and experience in handling recorded interviews hence ability to maintain the agreed deadlines. Therefore, the transcription provider with a history of quick turnarounds should be identified for the job for efficiency. The journalist interviews entails time coding and time stamping for smooth broadcasting. Time coding defines the required time for the interviewee to provide the answer or explanation to questions paused by the journalist while time stamping relates to the time counter of a tape recording or video recording for effective adding of the subtitles. A skilled transcriptionist is required for successful time coding, time stamping or both TIME CODING AND STAMPING Transcription of journalist interview requires concentration in order to capture the exact questions, answers and explanations provided. In this case, it is difficult for the journalist who conducts the interview to concentrate on the transcription process while having other duties of collecting other news or interviews in a given field. Thus, it is advisable to have a transcription company that handles the transcription process as the journalist goes on with the tasks of conducting more interviews. This provides high quality journalist interview transcription derived from high concentration. CONCENTRATION
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