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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ut enim ad minim Ut enim ad minim There is a dog next to my computer. How to use articles in English A/AN Special omissions of 'the' Names of meals the sunthe moonthe Internetthe seathe worldthe fastest animal in the world Normally without 'the' Names of people: Michelle ObamaAlbert Einstein Countries, regions, cities: Australia London Countries which include 'Republic', 'Kingdom' or 'States': the United Kingdomthe United Statesthe Czech Republic Mountains and lakes: Mount EverestLake Michigan Seas, oceans, rivers: the Black Seathe Atlantic Oceanthe Amazon Plural names: the Smithsthe Caribbean Islandsthe States Streets, squares, parks: Oxford StreetHyde ParkTimes Square the University of Londonthe Statue of Libertythe Republic of Ireland Buildings which begin with the name of a person or place: Oxford UniversityBuckingham PalaceHarvard University Buildings which do not begin with the name of a person or place: the White Housethe Taj Mahal Theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries, hotels: the Louvrethe Sheraton Hotel Companies: AppleGoogleCoca ColaMcDonalds Institutions: the BBC the CIA Learn natural English online