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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TwoSpirit Of LGBRQIA2S Two-Spirit Of LGBRQIA2S Two spirit is when a person defines themselves as both male and female, regardless of their gender given at birth. 2 spirt comes from the native community where 2 spirit people were well respected and never questioned often were healers, meditaters, and dream interpreters they could marry only males if their partner threatened to leave they would fake a they would fake menstrual bleeding by scratching their inner thighs. they would fake pregnancyby adding clothes under their clothes to make it seem as they were pregnant In order to find if kidsages 9-12 were to be 2 spirit, the community would gather in a circle and singed if kid danced like a women, then he was 2 spirt, after 4th song he was declared 2 spirit if he ran away then no. Males at this age were taught to do womens work,(and wear womens clothes) and womens were taught to do males work. 2 spirit people were considered powerful in this cultural, due to them having,both maleness and femaleness entwined in one body. Yosimar is a gay mexican poet, who claims he's 2 spirit, and he's a youth actvisit and goes to colleges to spread his word . Muxes from Oaxaca, in souther Mexico third gender embraced by the Zapotec people who were were assigned males at birth but dress and behave as female gender, some marry females, and others Males, and can do Womens work ex) decorating homes and alters or do males work embroidery ex) making jewelry
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