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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Moor House Lowood Thornfield Gateshead Jane leaves Gatesheadbecause she dislikes being mistreated.A desire for new surroundings later prompts her to leave Lowood in pursuit of anothercareer. Jane later caves in to desire and temptation and decides to marry Rochester Jane takes shelter at ahome owned bySt. John Rivers, and soon begins teaching at a school. Jane leaves Rochester because she feels she cannot pursuea polygamous relationship. St.John "lovesRosamond Oliverso wildly, with all the intensity, of a first passion"(432)... Jane works as a governess in Thornfield, but at first avoids romance and focuseson performingher job. Mrs. Reed feelsobligated to upholdthe position of Jane's guardian... Duty and Desire Parellel Motives in Brontë's KEY : ... but treats Jane with contempt outof her own accord. = desire = duty "Consistency, madam, is the first of Christian duties" (43) - Mr. Brocklehurst Jane Eyre ... but does not pursue thisromance because he feels Rosamond wouldnot be an idealmissionary wife.Instead, he invites Jane to joinhim on a missiontrip to India. KEY: Thornfield Jane decides not to India, and goes back for Rochester (and marries him). = desire = duty But what would Jane think? Following the path of the novel, Jane would most likelyagree that one needs a balance of both duty and desire in their life. However, one can not fulfill both at once, so lifeis a constant juggle between the two entities. Unlike Mr. Brocklehurst, who argues that " the first of Christian duties" (43), Jane would see that it is only natural to act uponboth duty and desire.
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