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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Problem Problem Hypothesis Hypothesis Variables Variables Objectives Objectives Conclusions Conclusions Applications Applications - Antimicrobial resistance is an increasingly serious threat to global public health That requires actions across all government sectors and society.- Food-borne illnesses are prevalent in all parts of the world, and tolls in terms of human life and suffering . - some bacterial infections are resistant to antibiotics such as S.aureus. - Crops are damaged by pathogenic bacteria which causes problems to global health and economy. - Water in Al-manzala lake is contaminated and has v.cholera. - Is it safe to use bacteriophage for detection and control of bacterial pathogens to improve food safety, agriculture, the quality of water and medical therapy? -The amount of phage to cause the bacteria to lyse. -To develop natural ways of fighting antimicrobial resistance instead of useless expensive antibiotics.-Enhance food safety by using bacteriophages as a magical weapon thats friendly to humans and an enemy to bacteria.-Decrease using food preservatives X in food storing and use bacteriophages instead, this will make food stay fresh longer.-Food will no longer have an expiry date!-To stop spreading foodborne illnesses around the whole world.-Decrease the costs of health care as our secret weapons are everywhere around us, they even live in our body!-(( lake ))-(( agriculture ))- (( medical therapy )) -Research Gate for scientists website.-Professors in Zewail City -Scientific articles available online at Food Research Centre in Canada.-Science News for Students INTEL website. --US National Library of Medicine website.-US National Institute of Health researches -World health Organization "WHO"-Biology News Website in the Faculty of science in Port-said References References the secondexperiment the secondexperiment the first experiment the first experiment In Zewail city 23th of Nov 2014 - centrifugation for the sample - Enrichment- filteration - spot-tast technique- Dilution - Enumeration in The Faculty of Science - Portsaid 9 g of meat, cultured E-coli in NB for overnight. isolated phages were used in this study to examine the effect of phages as biocontrol of food-borne pathogens 8th of Dec 2014 control E-coli phage +E-coli
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