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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Heathrow Life of Men life of children Life of Women -Society wanted women to stay in the houseand take on more traditional roles-Reforms were passed to restrict women's work-1/3 of of European women were domestic servants at some point in there life-Women who did work were in the textileindustry-In the U.S Women had long and harsh work hours and still had to meettraditional household roles Life During The Industrial Revolution -Men 's wages were the bulk of family income-Upper Class/ Middle Classmen gained prestige at home-Tried to instill values in the work force- Worker resisted discipline and moral pressures-To relax they watched football, baseball, cockfights, dog fights, and gambling -Middle class men tried to stopthese activities but it did not work-Before the industrial revolutionmen were farmers or craftsmen but after they werefactory workers-Men were primary mine workers Family Dynamics -Child labor was exploited, long work hours were beaten to stay awake -did dangerous jobs such as sorting debris in coal mines, rarely seeing sun-in 1840 children were required to be educated from ages 5 to 10-children unattended were mostly getting involved in criminal activity-children were cheap labor-no laws requiring the safety of children -men made most of the money-women were houswives-children did chores untilthe need for unskilledlabor rose-over time women and children were employedin factories-over time men lost the role of primary wageearners
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