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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 E uality in the W rkforce Do you think women are equal in today'ssociety? When it comes to the American Dream, it turns out that women are impacted; negativelythrough the competition betweenmen when it comes to the successin their careers. "Until 1981, many states still designated the husband as the legal"head and master" of the household." If men have children they are more likely to be hired and more likely to get paid more than a man that is childless. This statement could makeemployers think women should stay and home and the men should work. Therefore, this could hurt a women's chance ongetting hired or even getting a raise. "When couples have children, women fall even further behind, because policymakers have not caught up with new family realities. Work policies are still designed for a labor force composed of full-time male workers with wives at home to take care of family obligations." (Coontz) Mothers and fathers are nowcompeting against each other.And its obvious that the men are winning when it comes to havingchildren and still working, mothers are seen as unreliable and too busywith children. On the other handemployers see men who have childrenhard working and reliable, becausethey have a family to take care of. The American Dream is hard to accomplish especially for women and mothers, they compete with men in the workforceand that could negatively impact the success in women's careers. Women in today's society are not equal to men, maybe this is what pushes women to work harder and try to be more successful, women are strong, and capable of accomplishinganything but as of right now society doesn't see it that way. Women should be recognized in the workplace and not be stereotyped as stay at home moms or shop girls, seamstresses, household servants and waitresses. Do you think there will be a time where women are equal to men?
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