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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 define the problem The problem is based on what materials you needand what the project is called. you will also have to definehow many days you had to work on it. Brainstorming solutions Have everyone say an idea and write them all down. brainstorm about5 ideas so if one doesntwork then you have moreideas. Research ideas Research ideas so you have a better idea of what you want to design. Add more information to your best idea. Specify constraints and identify criteria Specify what kind of materials you can use. you should say how much of the material you have. you should also identify what you will be designing. Consider alternative solutions Always stay open minded. donot limit your ideas and alwayscompare them to the criteriaand constraints. Select an approach double click to change this title text! You should pick the best idea. go through and mark off all the ideas you don't want. written design proposal Once you have gone throughand picked the best ideayou should develop a plan that follows the who, what,when, and where. make a model/prototype Your model can be mathematical, physicalor you can draw it. test and evaluate When testing your model youshould record and analyzeyour results. also fix anything that seems like a problem. Refine/Improve Test your model out and thenimprove anything that you think needs to be should be improved going through theprocess. create/make product This should be your finalphysical solution. it shouldrepresent the enginerring design process. Communication the results You should record yourfinal design. when recordingyou should summarize your work and explainwhy you chose your final solution.
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