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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Addiction; Weed, Alcohol or Heroine,Which is Worse? Weed addiction is much rarer than alcohol addiction. However, it is just as devastating.About 17 percent of teens who use it are addicts and about 50 percent of daily users are addicted. Marijuana can have effects on your entire body and is very serious. However it is not as serious as alcohol and heroin. Treatment Alcoholism or the addiction to alcohol is a chronic disease including uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol. There are more than 3 millionU.S. cases per year. Alcoholismincludes denying of an drinking problem, depending on drinkingto get through the day and inabilityto control drinking. Symptoms include five or more drinks daily for a man or four for a woman, the need to start each day with a drink, and guilt over drinking. Alcohol Addiction the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Weed Alcohol Treatments include detox, counseling, and medications. Also rehab centers are very helpful. Therapy and other ways are very helpful to treat and recover from being an addict. Sources Heroin Heroin is much more serious when it comes to addiction than alcohol and weed. The effects of the drug an be fatal. The addiction us much stronger too. This drug much more addicting and has been held accountable for much more deaths than weed and alcohol. Overall Marijuana and alcohol are very dangerous and bad for you. Alcohol is worse for you than weed and more addictive to. However, they are not nearly as bad for you as heroin. Heroin is more deadly and addictive. By Sean Blaney
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