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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Key Trends Observed on Russian Underground in 2014 11 9 7 4 3 3 3 2 Banking Trojans Exploits and Exploit Kits Ransomware DDoS Tools Botnets Keyloggersets Linux Attacking Tools POS Malware Malware and Services Offered for Sale in 2014 Banking Trojans Meaning, various modulesresponsible forthe malware's activitycan be purchased separately:Formgrabber module, eb-Injections module and more. MitM Attacks Criminals offer theirservices as injection writers,referring to creation of malwaredesigned to be integratedinto a specific banking Trojan horse. Ransomware Insignificant amount ofransomware for saleon Russian-speaking forums.Similar to CryptoLockermalware both for PCs and laptops. Malware for Cellular Devices Development of banking malwareand ransomware for cellulardevices. The best formof protection is installation of an antivirus program. Point-of-Sale Malware Decline in the sale of malware designed toinfect POS systems. Sales of a great deal offirmware, but this method cannotbe used in attacks against majorcorporations. Trade in Digital Signature Certificates Four instances of the sale of digitalsignature certificates for .exe files. Pricesrange from $600 to $1,000. Tools from A to Z and Support Services Numerous offers of full service,including malware, hosting services,24/7 support through instantmessaging applications, periodic cryptof the malicious files and more. Exploits andExploit kits Banking Trojans Ransomware Linux Attacking Tools Botnets DDoS Tools POS malware Keyloggers ~3000 ~2500 ~2500 ~1800 ~1500 ~1200 ~1200 ~200 Average Price by Category, USD
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