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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Assessment of Hondzs performance in charter niche market 59.6% 2.9% As we can see from the figure, Hondzhas a huge advantage on private users market (more than 55% over ahead),compared with competitors, Hondzshould put focus on developing privateusers market. £ Market share in 2014 Firstly, revenue and unit market share test was conducted using the 2014 sales data, as shown in left Figure, Hondz had 38% revenue market share in 2013 which was 22% higher than Smiths and 8% lower than Riders. In addition, right Figure presents that Riders owned highest unit market share among these three companies (which is 49% respectively in both 2013 and 2014), and was viewed as the largest competitor against Hondz which nearly took half of Riders (26% respectively). Low High Average From the overview of customer satisfaction on three differentaspects among three companies. Hondz acquired middle levelof price customer satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction.To sum up, Hondz still need put more effort on its CRM. Customer satisfaction Hondz had a outstanding performance on its revenue market share in 2013 but a vast drop on its profit and ROI in 2014. While compared with its competitors (Smiths and Riders), Hondz has a positive brand development index on customers and a great advantage price premium versus its largest competitor (Riders), which indicates that Hondz still have a chance to revise the unfavourable result by expanding its market among private users and people down 40-year-old groups. The findings suggest that the brand awareness is the biggest obstacle of market share. Compared to competitors, Hondz appears to have a lower unit market share (25%) than Riders (49%). It would be preferable that Hondz revisit its promotion strategy to amend this level of awareness which is currently lowest in the market (only acquired 6.87 on WOM). In addition, Hondz shouldalso putting more energy on launching more campaigns on customer relationship management like Smiths loyalty scheme campaign and Riders membership campaign. Hondz Riders Hondz VS Riders Private users (2013-2014) Revenue market share Unit market share Hondz38% Smiths16% Riders46% Hondz25% Smiths26% Riders49% Hondz25% Smiths26% Riders49% Year-on-year growth From the Figure lef we can see that Hondz had a negative growth from year 2013 to 2014 (14% decrease respectively). While for Smith, calculates his second-year sales results to be 130% of first-year revenues, indicating a growth rate of 30%. And there was also a 18% rise for Riders.
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