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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 G.A.D? Generalized Anxiety Disorder What is G.A.D is a disorder that causes extreme worry about a multitude of things (ie. money, health, relationships), even when there is little reason to worry about them. Porpose: -Understand the effects and causes of stress -Identify what Generalized Panic Disorder is and the effects it has is how the body reacts to threatening or challenging situations. There are two types of stress: Eu stress and distress.Eu stress is positive stress that can motivate a person to complete something. Distress is negative stress that hurts one's mental health. Stress Indicators of stress:-Naseua -Depression-Worry-Feeling uniportant Causes of stress in high schoolers:-Social Pressure (fitting in)-School Work - Family and Friendship issues Define Mental Health: psychological well-being and satisfactory adjustmentto society and to the ordinary demands of life. Mental Health Stress Relievers:-taking time to do something you enjoy-practice being okay in the moment you are in-Breathing deeply and calmingyourself down Two in every three children and teenagers with G.A.D are girls Nearly half the children and teenagers who suffer from G.A.D will suffer from other anxiety problems in the future Symptoms and Signs:- Can't relax or concentrate- Muscles aches- Difficulty Swallowing- Twitching and trembling- Naseua- Fatigue Sources:
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