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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] FCS: This project exemplifies the TPACK model. Students will work individually and analyze their diet and overall health. This call upon prior knowledge taught by former teachers on how important nutrition is and in a way that students have a deep understanding and can reflect upon it. Students record food intake for one week. They then will upload it to an online website that tracks essential nutrients. They will then use to categorize the information and visualize it in an organized way. History and Social Studies: In a modern Us History Class we want the students to do an end of the year project. The project needs to have important event through the decade starting with the 1900. We want them to use to design a poster board online explaining the information. This will be a good tool to use because it helps students organize a timeline in history, and to see it visually. Using the previously discussed content in the lectures the students can also get their information foundon the internet. After theonline poster is made students will present to the class and to show them whatthey felt was significant in each decade. is the website that can do it all. Upon visiting the sight, you will see thousands of templates that can aide teaching for any subject. The sight helps to organize information through charts, maps, and infographics. Cant find a template that fits your exact lesson plan? The Start Fresh button allows you customize every part of your online poster. Most of the websites features are free, but if you desire an even larger selection of design features, Go Pro for just three dollars per month. Unfortunately, you can not add links intothe presentations and it is not friendly if you desire a substantial amount of text.It is meant to be visually attractive and organized
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