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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nuclear Energy By: Mackenzie Silver -The energy released through nuclear fission or fusion, especially when used to generate electricity. We can use nuclearenergy as a radioactivemedical treatment fordifferent types of cancer. We can use nuclearenergy as a form of electricity. We can use nuclearenergy as a radioisotope,which are used in space missions. Pros Cons 1.) Large power generatingcapacity able to makeindustrial and city needs. 2.) Known, developed. technology "ready" for market. 3.) Lower carbon dioxideand other greenhouse gasesreleased into the atmosphere. 1.) High construction costs due to radiation containment systems. 2.) Target for terrorism( as are all radioactivepower plants.) 3.) Nuclear waste lasts many centuries. I believe we should invest in a nuclear factory to construct nuclear energy we can use in order to save more valuable resources, fossil fuels. Although there are cons to this idea, there are also pros. We have an everyday problem with the "global warming" theory. If we were to invest in nuclear energy scientists would have more time to prepare for the crisis because nuclear energy releases a small fraction of greenhouse gasescompared to fossil fuels, making our atmosphere and ozone much cleaner.In conclusion I think it would highly benefit us as a nation as well as a world to take action and thoroughly invest in the purchase of nuclear factories.
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