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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The internet and his beginnings In 1957 When everything began, a remote connection had to be installed so the developers could work directly on the computers In 1958Appear the DARPA (Defense Advanced Researched ProyectAgency) Then appear the ARPANET, itwas a military proyect of UnitedState of America. Then appear the RAND, it was a military network, At the same timeappear the NPL (National Physical Laboratory) Taking into account the CYCLADES, a scientific network in France The RAND, NPL and CYCLADES are the foundations for our modern internet There was the first foundations that traffic filesbetween different networks In 1966 appear the IMP, they where the agreements of the traffic filesbetween networks. The first connection between the computers it was name like Network Working Group But later it was replacedby the more efficient Transmission Control Protocol The packet switching was born,consist in cut the files in small parts to send more easy the file Before, they have a direct waves to communicate, but this did not work well in the war because it have a small range This was sorted with a model of distribution networks CYCLADES fokus on the communication with others networks With this the term of inter-netBORN The connections were gaining importance over time and was liked by all On February 28, 1990 the ARPANET was removed but the internet continous running.
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