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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Welcome to CELLTOWN Celltown is a stocklist which provide the best duracell products and Klarus high performance torches online in New Zealand at affordable price. Celltown carries high quality batteries, battery chargers and power adapters for consumer electronic devices. Contact Us Celltown LtdPO Box 15751New LynnAuckland 0640GST 89220602 Telephone:09-6266504 Fax:09-6263321 z Duracell is an extraordinary American battery-producer with a quality notoriety. Their product offering grasps a mixture of battery sizes went for meeting the prerequisites of pretty much any individual electronic gadget. While Duracell batteries are regularly named "alkalines," the term is an ambiguous one and does not uncover all that much about what the batteries are made of. Duracell's items utilize various diverse chemicals to deliver an electric present, every custom-made to a particular need. Alkalines The vast majority of the basic Duracell batteries, for example, those from the normal Coppertop line, are alkalines. This implies they utilize an anode made of zinc powder and a cathode of manganese dioxide. The electrolyte is made of potassium hydroxide. Alkalines like these Duracell batteries are non-rechargeable. Lithium Ion Batteries Duracell additionally makes lithium batteries, which are effectively recognized as their circle like watch and gadgets units. The expression "lithium battery" alludes to a substantial group of battery plans, yet they all have one gimmick in like manner -they utilize a lithium compound for an anode, henceforth their name. Duracell lithium batteries use manganese dioxide for an anode and have an electrolyte made out of a natural dissolvable. KLARUS FLASHLIGHTS When you discuss the suppliers of Duracell Batteries and Klarus flashlights in New Zealand, Celltown appears to be main name in the exchange. Offering an extensive scope of items that include rechargeable batteries,lithium and a ton more, Celltown has been supplying the finest items to the populace of the area at the most pocket cordial costs. With years of experience and a bunch of items, these specialists have figured out how to cut a corner they could call their own in the business.
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