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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 While the world bank has helped many countries by donating money, they often will only help if they believe that the can make some kind of profitout of the situation. For example, in India the world bank donated $19 billion towards building toilets,wells,and delivering water in the rural area's. But, they also expect to earn $84 billion when the project is done (about $6 for every $1 spent),and gain extra positive publicity Strategic approaches to cloud and mobile computing The world Bank ...helping to support hundredsof countries and people aroundthe world.... About $54 billion About 1 But of those 175, 40 are currently going through a water crisis of their own, and are at risk of getting worse(20.3% of the world). ... within increasing management needs 175 40 The world bank donatesmore and more every year... ... of all SAP customersplan a mobile effort, but ... 80% 2 The world bank operates in approximately175 countries around the world (89.3% ofthe world). * source: IDC mobile app survey (2010) While more and more countries have been having water crisis's, the worldbank has always been there (for better or worse). For more information on planning and readiness for mobile and cloud computing visit Our complimentary SAP Experts briefing on data governance for mobile computing may be found at (login required). 2014 downloads (estimated) 76.9 billion * informal crowd poll of 40 SAP customersbased on $US 1-5 Million enterprisetransformation effort size (services only). * source: SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (2012) 30% ... of all organizationshave a mobile strategy. VS Profit Vs the People
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