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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sleep and Health Tips Avoid alcohol, cigarettes,caffeine and other stimulantsbefore sleep because they willactivate your nervous system. Create a bedtime ritual to tell yourbody its time to wind down and relax For example: Take a warm shower, Read a book, Listen to soothing music If you are in painits recommended foryou to sleep becauseit will help relievethe pain. Facts Insufficient sleep can lead to health problems like heart disease, heart attack, diabetes and obesity. Statistics During sleep you strengthen memories and practice skills learned while you were awake It is more likely to die from sleep deprivation than food deprivation In a study with 10 adults, 3 of their blood glucose levels turned pre-diabetic by not getting any sleep in 4 days Over 2 million children suffer from sleeping disordersSleep problems add an estimated $15.9 billion to national health care costs People who get seven hours of sleep or less are almost three times as likely to get sick incomparison to getting eight hours of sleep a night. EXTRA While we sleep, our brains processmemories from the day. If you don'tget enough sleep, those memoriesmight not get stored correctly and canbe lost.Getting enough sleep can prevent thecommon cold. Researchers tracked over150 people and monitored their sleephabits for two weeks. Then they exposed them to a cold virus. More sleep = Stronger immunity. More sleep = Better memory. Works Cited 9 Surprising Reasons to Get More Sleep. (n.d.). March 9, 2015, Retrieved from Tips: 7 Steps to Better Sleep (June 9, 2014) March 9, 2015, Retrieved from - Santa Barbara, California - Sleep Disorders - Sleep Statistics. (n.d.). Retrieved March 9, 2015, from Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep. (n.d.). Retrieved March 9, 2015, from,,20459221_2,00.html
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