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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kingdom of Morocco At Risk of Death:750,000 (BBC) Ethnic Groups MAP OF MOROCCO State Type & Boundary Issues * State Type: Nation State * Shape: It is probably a bad example ofan elongated state. Its long, not necessarily compact and doesnt really have any part of land that extends from the state. It sort of looks like a leg with a small foot and a big, uneven calf. * Boundary Issues: It had a boundary issue with Algeria. in 1963 because there wasnt an exact border between them. This issue was called the Sand Wars and it was mainly for the minerals. This is still not necessary solved. Morocco also has problems with Spains control over nearby islands. Morocco is also a launching area for illegal migration to Spain. Flag of Morocco Red: Hardiness, bravery,strength and valor. Green: the color of Islam,five-pointed star representsthe Five Pillars of Islam. Demonym: Moroccans Political Landscape & Organization of Government * How is your PINGs government organized?- Moroccos form of government is parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister is the head of the government of a multi-party system. The King is the head of the state. There are three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The government controls the Executive branch. Both the government and the two chambers of parliament have legislative power. The judiciary is independent however, the judges are appointed by the King. * Any types of devolution?- Administrative Devolution: In 2010, Rabat, the capital of Morocco, aimed to sent more power to regions of Morocco. Centripetal Force Centrifugal Force Almost everyone in Morocco are Moroccans and Islamic . There is a war between Morocco and an independence seeking Polisario over the former Spanish colony in the south of Morocco. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Supranational Organizations - League of Arab States - United Nations- World Health Organization- World Trade Organization- Organization of Islamic Cooperation Arab-Berber 99% Other 1% Ethnic Groups This breakdown means that not many people migrate to Morocco and live there permanently. Even if there aren't many people living in Morocco, because of the absence of foreigners, Morocco's inhabitants, Arab-Berber percentage is high. This is probably due to the slow development of the country and most people being Islamic and Arab-Berber. Basically, Morocco isn't a good enough country for people to migrate to
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