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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONCEPT The lady and the tigerBy: Frank Stockton Tone and MoodThe story has a serious and jealous tone because the fate of a young man is in the balance. " If he opened the one,there came out of it a hungry tiger" is one of the examples. "the youth was immediately cast into prison, and a day was set for his trial in the kings arena." "The tiger cages of the kingdom were searched for the most savage and relentless beast." These are examples of how barbaric the king was. " No matter how the affair turned out, the youth would be disposed of." " What a terrible thing for him to be there!" This did affect my mood because I was so Anxious to see if the young man would die. ThemeThe lady and the tiger is an example of the capriciousness of fate. It's just like the short story Lather and nothing else.They are similar because in both stories someone could have chosento do something that determines their fate. Exposition: There once was a barbaric king that believed someone accused of a crime should be able to decide his/her future.Rising action: He found out that his daughter was interested in this young suitor. That didn't go over well, so he decides to send this young suitor into the arena were he could get eaten by a tiger or marry another girl.Climax: The day of the arena comes and the daughter asks what door the tiger is in. The suitor comes out to the arena and quickly asks the princess what door to pick. But what he doesn'tknow is that the princess is torn as to what door to tell him to pick.Falling action: She comes to a decision and makes a gesture for him to pick a door. Resolution: This story doesn't show what the princess chooses for he suitor. By: Autumn Bradley
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