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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 La escritura se crea en Mesopotamia (actualmente Irak) 1972 ± 32900 AP Se crea la escritura cuneiforme, a base de pictogramas.Se dibujaban acciones, suprimiendo todos los detalles superfluos.Se comenzaron a representar palabras y objetos, pero aún no conceptos abstractos 1979 3000 a.C. Southwest expands to offer flights in New Orleans, theirfirst route outside of Texas 1982 Flights offered to and from California 1985 1995 1993 Flights offered to Baltimore/Washington,officially making thema coast-to-coast option Southwest acquires one of their competitor, MuseAir. Southwest becomes one of the first airlines to have a website 2001 A few days after the attackson September 11th, Southwest resumes service as one of the few airlines not making lay-offs or service cuts 1998 Fortune Magazine names Southwest #1 on the list of "America's Most Admired Airline". The same issue listed the company as 6th of "America's Most Admired Companies" 1999 Delivery of their300th Boeing 737 1997 Last plane is delivered in theoriginal Desert Gold livery;every new plane will bepainted in the familiar Canyon Blue Una brevísima historia... 2015 2005 The American Customer Satisfaction Indexputs Southwest at the top of the list for airtransportation, with a rating of 74/100 Southwest will begin to service other countries with international flights Info from: .html LA INDUSTRIA IMPRESA LA INDUSTRIA IMPRESA La era de los signos parte conla cueva de Chauvet, las pinturasrupestres más antiguas conocidas
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