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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 to Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette American deaths during the American Revolution 80% Of Nicotin Deaths during the American Revolution 4,435 Deaths 6,354 Deaths British deaths during the American Revolution The armies at the time of the Revolutionary War used lead balls in their muskets and cannons. The Americans were prepared to go to war. The Americans had muskets that fired lead balls, which was the same weaponry that the British had. The cannons that were used in the war were brass cannons on wheels that shot lead balls. American Weaponry In 1871 a British General and Five-Thousand of his troops surrendered as prisoners of war to General George Washington. British Soldier Cruelty In 1770 British troops killed 3 American civilians as well as 2 people dying from wounds British soldiers that captured Americans forced them to join the British Navy. This was called "impressing" the troops, which the Americans were againts. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. American Equipment American troops wore "knapsacks", which contained a blanket, food, and clothing The American troops also carried canteens of water, in order to stay hydrated during the fight. The blankets were made of wool, and were important to a soldier's survival. American Food Rations The food rations often contained bland foods, and were hard to deliver to soldiers, so soldiers were often delivered bread in rations. Along with bread, soldiers were give corn in their rations. On occasion, soldiers would receive dried beef in their rations, but not often.
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