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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Remote Controls A T.V Remote Anyone who wants a more convenient way of operating a device from a distance. What is a remote control and its purpose? Common Remote Controls History How does remote controls work? A remote control is a device that controls another electronic machine from a distance by using signals. Who uses/benefits from remote controls? A remote control for toy cars or planes Car Remote And then there's the TV remote The first wireless remote was revealed in 1898 Created by Nikola Tesla (a Serbian-American inventor) Nikola Tesla designed his remote for the sole purpose of controlling a boat on water Wilson WangMr. KaoudSNC 2D0Light Application Infographic Many innovators used Nikola Tesla's idea and applied it to other types of machines. During WWI, the German Navy used remote controlled boats as guided weapons In WWII, both sides of the war experimented with guidedmissiles and torpedoes How does a remote control work? Interesting Facts 2 Main Types of Remote Controls Infrared Remote (IR) Controls: uses infrared lights Radio Frequency (RF) Remotes: uses radio waves instead ofinfrared waves Rattlesnakes can detect infrared radiation, they have natural infrared detectors near their eyes, allowing them to hunt prey at night Images that are produced based off of heat are called Thermograms Infrared Radiation is invisible to the naked eye Infrared radiation cannot pass through solid walls but radio waves can A thermogram of a reptile wouldbe dark since reptiles are cold blooded Snake Mouse At the front part of a remote, there's usually a LED where the infrared radiation comes out On the front of the TV or otherelectronic device, there is a small infrared sensor, for electronic devices that use radio waves, there is a radio wave detector Remote controls send out binary codes by making on/offpulses of infrared or radio waves. Binary is a base 2 digit system, therefore it uses only 2 digits, 1's and 0's. 1's means ON and 0's means OFF Every technology device communicate in binary The remote sends out a signal of on/off,the device recieves the signal by using its sensorsthen decodes the binary and does the action that the remote controlcommands it to do Each remote control has an unique ID code so that only the device it is meant to operatecan follow its instructions almost like a barcode RADIO INFRARED Able to go through walls GLOSSARY OF NEW TERMS Two Types of Remote Controls Can't go through walls Longer distance reach thaninfrared Low powered Wavelengths are longer Shorter distance reach than Radio Thermograms: images based off of heat L.E.D: Light Emitting Diode Electricmagnetic Spectrum: Range of electromagneticradiation form radio waves to gamma rays needs to be pointed at sensor
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