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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vegetarian Athlete? Disadvantages Advantages Lowers heartdiseases Also lowersdiabetes risk And lowers your risk of getting colorectal cancer You don'tget as muchprotein as youwould frommeat Also, you don'tget as muchVitamins andMinerals asyou would frommeat Robert Zheng Most frequent question is alwayswhere do you get your proteinfrom?From so many different foods and protein shakes such as According to the DRIyou should be consuming1 - 1.2g of protein perkg for an athlete, 1.2 grams of protein per kg 1 gram of protein per kg This is becausethere are differenttypes of vegetarianssome that eat fish and some that eatdairy so substitutefor meat Studies have failed tosee a true benefit of becoming a vegetarianathlete but in some casesthey perform just as well ---------- ----------- ----------------------------- - --------- ---------- -------- 10 PASS.A. An example of a Sample diet Breakfast Morning Tea ----------------------------- - Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner ----------- --------- ---------- Athlete Stories "When I became a vegetarian most of my teammates did it, some of them have kind of drifted back, but none of them were where they were before, so we have all benefitted-Carl LewisTrack and Field for USA List of Vegetarian Athletes Peter SiddleTest Cricketer Joe NamathAmericanFootballerHall of Fameinduction in1985 Robert ParishNBA PlayerHall of Fameinduction in2003 10 OlympicMedals 9 1
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