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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Planning Continuity Your choice, Your vote, Our future Importance Top 10 Trends in BCP We need someonewho will listen to thepeople and feel whatthey feel in order forthem to know what is best for us.... Courage Obedience 10. Increase in natural disasters.9. Increase in Malicious Cyber Attacks8. Some Disruptions are becoming more predictable ex. hurricanes7. Disruptions should be considered a normal event.6. Cloud to cloud computing will increase.1. Changing role of BCP staff more senior roles and direct reporting to CEO4. Increased expectations for communications staff, clients expect information immediately if a disruption occurs.3. BCP and DR responses will be driven by social media thus a social media strategy is an important component of the BCP plan.2. Increase in Twitiots i.e. employees, customers or others who may tweet company information or tweet inappropriate tweets that impact business image or integrity. a. This issue can be mitigated by having social media policies for employees.1. Increase in Machine Takeovers where the companys data is stolen. What is Business Continuity Planning (BCP)? "A sound business continuityplan would ensure thehospital is prepared for thistype of disruption, allowingfor critical services tocontinue operating" () "There would be nothing to frighten you if you refused to be afraid."-Mahatma Gandhi BCP is a continuous process of planning, organizing, and assessing to improve a business or organization's ability to continually provide vital servicesor products with minimal impact to operations during and following an event that threatens to disrupt normal business activity In healthcarehowever, continuity plans often take shape to protect individuals. Continuity plans in healthcare can be aimed at protecting individuals fromdiseases such as an outbreak or pandemic flu. "A good follower is a good leader; a good leader must be a goodfollower."-Roman military quote double click to change this title text! Business PHS 609Group 14
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