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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Project Butterfly ; My 20% time project What is a 20% time project? A 20% time project is a project taken on by students in middle school or high school where we strive to make positive change, create something new, and is completely unrelated to class. What is your 20% time project? My 20% time project is focusing on women and women's rights. All ages, ethnicity and genders come together to strive for change, and I believe a strong foundation and a diverse "panel" of some sorts will help us come up with solutions to problems women face every day. What we'll be focusing on: The wage gap among men and women, ways women are unequal in different situations, women in media, patriarchal and misoginistic comments and how to abolish these, and many others. Also, if you or a parent would like you may contact my teacher Kira Durant at Who I am: My name is Emily Annella and I'm a senior at Del Mar High School. As a part of my 20% time project I am advocating for change and the destruction of misogynistic ideals among girls and women of all ages. If you're interested in being apart of this positive change contact me at any one of these with your name, age, grade and adult consent (if under the age of 18) Phone number: (408)455-4251 Email: Check out my blog for more resources and information! Note: Places, dates and times to meet and other arrangements are still in the making, but should be officiated by April 1st! If under the age of 18 adult consent is required.
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